What Should I Expect

Many times when we begin taking pure blended herbal teas they have an amplifying effect on your body's natural detoxification and replenishing process that encourages deep cellular renewal so that we are better able to handle the challenges of modern life. When first taking EnerGrÄ“ns™ you may notice that your body's natural cleansing functions become more pronounced. This happens when our cells begin to receive the antioxidants, amino acids, active enzymes, and energetic phytonutrients found in EnerGrÄ“ns™ blended herbal tea. 

As the body's natural cleansing processes kick into high gear, your cells gain additional energy further enhancing the elimination of the built up toxins that interfere with vibrant health. Our bodies move the accumulated toxins to the colon and skin for elimination. In some cases you may notice that your perspiration has a different odor or that you are having softer stool, more frequent bowel movements, or mild flu like symptoms. This is especially true for people with a history of drug and alcohol use or excess toxin build up from working or living in heavily polluted areas. These natural reactions are almost always short-lived and many people don't experience any noticeable cleansing responses at all, even though their bodies are detoxifying. If your bodies cleansing process is uncomfortable or if you have any questions about the detoxification process or any other reactions you may be experiencing, please call 385-743-1329 or email us at info@moringamedicinals.com. 

As with any dietay modification, listen to your body, as you may find that either a smaller or higher intake is more suitable to your body. We recommend that you start with the 1 Tbsp, and, if desired, either gradually increase or decrease your daily consumption. Lastly, please don't forget your water! It's very important to drink an abundance of water, especially while your body is naturally cleansing.