Our Company

Our Company

What is Sacred Elixirs™?

We are a family-owned green business. We specialize in developing symbiotic blends of whole food and herbal teas. 

Our Mission is to provide premium organic functional teas that naturally increase energy and support overall well being by Raising your Vibration!

Naturally Good

At Sacred Elixirs™, we still believe in natural. We've had many lengthy staff discussions about the word and simply put, we're not giving it up. We take the natural—ness of our natural products very seriously, and we value what people put in their bodies. We care deeply about the impact consumer products have on our shared environment.

So what is natural? It seems pretty straightforward; however in todays over commercialized, marketing hyped world the answer is anything but simple. It should mean coming from nature, and not having any extra substances or chemicals added. But when it comes to products, it has been overused—and often misused. Consumer trust of the word natural is at an all-time low.

The word has no government definition or certification system to back it up — unlike organic, which leaves those of us using the word responsibly left confused and often scratching our heads. That's why we've chose to define "natural" so that anyone using any of our products doesn't have to wonder what we are talking about.

To Sacred Elixirs™, natural means, that all of the ingredients in our products lovingly come from nature, are non GMO and contain no additives, binders or filling agents. Additionally to further support this understanding, all of our ingredients are either certified organic or are wild crafted.

We're always sharing what natural means to us, so if you have any questions about our truly natural products, please get in touch with us. Go ahead and ask us anything, we'll tell all. And please join the conversation about what natural means to you on our Facebook page, or on Twitter.

Lastly, while we really do try our best in all regards, we realize that we are human and although we may not like to admit it, mistakes are inevitable. So, if we make a mistake or can't live up to your expectations we'll fess up, no excuses, and maybe even more important, we'll keep trying to do better no matter what it takes.