Quality Policy


The objective of the Sacred Elixirs™ Business Management System is to provide the means of producing a product that consistently exceeds customer expectations, minimizes our waste stream footprint, and prevents pollution, injury, and ill health.  This will be achieved by continually improving our products and services and complying with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.  Doing this will support our goal of being the manufacturer of our customers most valued products.

We will anticipate and fully respond to our customers’ needs by:

 ·       Fostering an atmosphere that engenders an entrepreneurial attitude on the part of our employees;

·       Our employees making a personal commitment to first understanding our customers’ expectations then, to meeting or exceeding our commitment to those expectations by performing the correct tasks defect free the first time, on time, every time;

·       Endeavoring to provide an environment of employee trust that values diversity, empowerment, open communication, accountability, safety, environmental responsibility, teamwork, training, personal growth, achievement, and recognition by meeting our behavioral expectations;

·       Operating as a disciplined, process-oriented, learning organization that insures continuous, measurable, improvement, while achieving our priorities or operational excellence and company growth;

·       Implementing concurrent product and process improvement activities, in order to improve our process capability, minimize or prevent pollution and waste, and by providing a safe environment for our employees;

·       Reducing variability through the implementation of actions implied by appropriate statistical tools;

·       Providing regular internal review of our programs and policies, thereby facilitating continual improvement through the identification of objectives and targets;

·       Training our employees on this policy;

·       Operating in an environment of transparency within our community by making this policy available to the public.