EnerGrens Product Info

What is EnerGrēns™ (Pronounced: Ener-Greens) Blended Bulk Tea?


From our family to yours, please enjoy the small blue bottle that was created with the loving intent to help you Raise your Vibration! Most importantly, thank you for giving us a try…

Centered around Moringa, the tree of life, EnerGrēns™ is a highly researched symbiotic whole food and herbal tea blend contains over 30 low temperature freeze or toll dried organic whole foods and botanicals. Our flagship product is sold in bulk powder format. Moringa oleifera leaves contain 46 known antioxidants, 18 amino acids and 96 nutrients. The EnerGrēns™ formula features these nourishing leaves and builds upon their magnificent nutritional foundation without extracts, fillers or binding agents. 

What can EnerGrēns™ tea do for me?

EnerGrēns™ tea primarily supports your body in maintaining optimal digestive system wellness by providing a natural nutrition source.  How is this accomplished? EnerGrēns™ herbal tea (like any sound nutrition source) works in concert with the bodies five major digestive system functions to achieve the goal of providing optimal nutrition.  The five major digestive system functions are:

  • Secretion of gastric fluids and enzymes
  • Mixing and movement of food through the body
  • Digestion of food into smaller particles
  • Absorption of nutirents
  • Excretion of wastes

So how do I begin?

As part of your morning routine simply place 1 tablespoon of EnerGrēns™ tea in a tea strainer or bag  and pour in warm water.  Since EnerGrēns™ is comprised of nutritious whole foods and botanicals you can also add it to juice or your favorite smoothie. If you choose to use it in this manner please understand that since our formula is a nutrient dense, whole food powder it does not readily dissolve in liquid, therefore we recommend mixing the powder in a closed mason jar or similar type container and shaking vigorously to help the powder suspend in the liquid. If you'd prefer a slightly sweeter taste enhancement, you can add a small amount of organic Stevia to the mix. Additionally, this powder blends well with coconut, rice or soy milk It can also be mixed into your homemade energy bars. While you can add this powder to a variety of recipes, we recommend that you avoid steeping it in boiling water or cooking it over high temperatures in order to preserve the tea's optimal nutritional value.

If for any reason you'd like assistance with your order or if you simply have some questions, please feel free contact us at (385) 743.1329 or via Email: info@SacredElixirs.com

We've also complied some educational videos on Moringa oleifera, as well a created a helpful video on mixing  EnerGrēns .  Please Click the link below to view any of these videos:

Click Here.

256 grams (30 day supply)            $45.00