Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

Michele Kay Bawden and Robert James Malone

Co-Owners and Founders of Moringa Medicinals™.

The story begins as a love story. Michele and Robert met in 2010; shared a cup of tea and fell in love. The conversation was full of possibility and discovery that continues to this day. They knew when they met that they wanted to create something that would help people to feel better physically and mentally. Michele, coming from a background as a counselor, movement instructor and energetic worker was eager to develop a product that could reach many people at once. Combining her knowledge with Robert's passion for herbalism, shamanism and plant based diets as well as his extensive background in the pharmaceutical, supplement and medical device industries they decided to leave their everyday jobs that consumed so much time and put 100% of their focus into the development of Sacred Elixirs™. They said goodbye to the comfort of the jobs they knew; putting aside the fear of failing in order to move forward and manifest a dream. They spent several summer months in Peru and other beautiful places studying the plants and developing the formula. Once they tried the first batch of EnergrÄ“ns™ they knew they had achieved their goal and even surpassed what they could have imagined. They are passionate about producing the product! Healing music is played during the mixing process and intentions and thoughts are kept positive. They believe the energy they put into the product will be experienced by those who use it and they take this responsibility seriously. This product is truly made with love!

We are looking forward to growing the company and are excited to begin adding new faces to this page.  If you believe you have a unique talent or skill that will help us grow, please don't hesitate to contact us.

P.S. We love YouTube videos that showcase your expertise.  We look forward to hearing from you.