Environmental Policy

Sacred Elixirs™ recognizes the importance of environmental stewardship and will comply with all environmental legislation, regulations and appropriate codes of practice relating to the processes and activities of the company, now and in the future. It is the declared policy of Sacred Elixirs™ to minimize our environmental impact by continually improving our environmental performance. We are committed to working side by side with our neighbors and stakeholders to better the environment. In particular, we will achieve this through our commitment to:

• regularly review the environmental impact of our activities;

• reduce the amount of waste produced using best practice techniques;

• involve employees in our environmental program and provide necessary training to enable them to discharge their responsibilities;

• sustain a program of continual improvement in environmental performance incorporating suitable measurement and monitoring mechanisms;

• assess the environmental impacts of the company’s activities during the manufacture of its products;

• reduce the consumption of raw materials, water and fuels;

• use recyclable and renewable materials in place of virgin products where possible;

• reduce and/or limit the discharge of pollutants to water, land and air;

• work with key suppliers to encourage them to develop environmental best practice;

• review and enforce our sustainable procurement policy to align with best practices;

• minimize noise from the site;

• lessen the risk to employees and members of the public from processes and activities associated with the company; and

• work closely with environmental advisors and regulators to improve our overall environmental credentials and ensure the ongoing conservation of sensitive ecosystems for which we are responsible.


The company will foster environmental awareness and understanding in all employees, suppliers, customers and subcontractors and other stakeholders. Where practicable, the company will provide information and assistance to customers on environmental issues arising from its products and services. Improvement will be continuous and the company will report internally and externally on its progress against its goals and objectives.


This policy is publicly available