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Ener•Grēns noun\΄E-ner-΄grēns\derived from rootwords:
1.\΄E-ner\as in \΄E-ner-jē\
a : ability to be active : the physical or mental strength and stamina that allows you to do things
b : natural enthusiasm and effort
c : a positive spiritual force the energy flowing through all people
d : rejuvenate, revitalize
a : minimally processed or treated
b : concerned with caring for and supporting the environment
c : consisting of green plants and edible herbage a green salad
d :plural (1) : leafy herbs (as spinach, dandelions, Kale, or Swiss chard) that are consumed as a vegetable (2) : green vegetables
Full definition:
a : A minimally processed, environmentally friendly, symbiotic blended herbal teas containing botanicals, whole foods, fruits and spices that provides:
1 : a natural enthusiasm and an abundance of clean and clear energy
2 : clarity of thought
3 : a revitalized spiritual force
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